Keep Away from those Ferraris is a  rocking, 5-star Celtic Tiger thriller, with plenty laughs along the way.

Here is what they are saying on Amazon ..

“Fast moving and thrilling from start to finish.”

“This is the first book in ages that I have read cover to cover in one day. It’s fast paced, funny and really well written. Well worth a read.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it straight through (well in two sessions, as I was told to put that book down and go to sleep!)”

“Johnny is a brilliant character, louche, charming and thoroughly rotten, whose attitude to life is that you’ll be dead long enough.”

“While the plot is quite outlandish it works extremely well because the boom then bust in Ireland was so outlandish .. black humour and wit is genuinely funny, and the writing is engaging”

“The plot takes in the best and worst of not only the financial meltdown but is not above having a great poke of fun at modern celebrity culture and reality TV, leading to some genuinely laugh out loud moments.”

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Financial reporter Noel Byrne is about to die.

Two snipers hold him in their crosshairs as he delivers his live report from the HQ of HiberBank in central Dublin. His first problem is they will kill him if he doesn’t say exactly what they want him to say. His second problem? They both want him to say different things.

Keep Away from Those Ferraris is the hilarious story of a country in collapse. A desperate gang of minor celebrities is trying to salvage one last pay day from the wreckage of the Irish economy. Only Noel can help them. Only Noel can stop them. Follow him across the boardrooms, bedrooms and bars of Dublin as he tries to stay one step ahead. And remember the golden rule when billions are at stake. You trust, you lose.



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