Pat_Newspaper_PhotoAfter 19 years working in the IT industry I decided to jump ship in 2008 and head for the lucrative world of writing and talking. So that goes to show what I know.

I currently write regular articles for Ireland’s most widely read Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Independent. You will also find me beavering away as a scriptwriter for The Cutting Edge on RTE1 television. If you ever wondered who writes the Ask Audrey agony-aunt column every Friday in Irish Examiner,  then stop wondering. Or you can learn from my negligible parenting skills in my Dadsview articles on

If you want to see me in action, you’ll find me every Friday on the RTE Today Show couch with Maura Derrane and Daithi O’Se.

There’s a chance you will come across me on the wireless with regular appearances on George Hook (Newstalk) and Dave Fanning on 2fm.

If you are looking for a pacy thriller set in the dying days of Celtic Tiger Dublin, then get your hands on my latest novel here.

Finally, I have over 10 years experience as a Professional Copywriter for clients such as SuperValu, AIB and FEXCO. Take a look at the copywriting page next door for further details.




  1. adrian taaffe says:

    Hmmm, that’s a nice biog.

    Interesting that it omits those heady mid-90’s days in 9-7-11 Radio in Cabra in the company of myself, Paul Flanagan and Edel Hackett – when the Blur/Oasis face-off was at it’s height (you were Blur as I remember) (and you were right – they were better) (although Country House is still rubbish).

    Anyway, I’ve seen your name occasionally and often wondered if you were you and it turns out that you are* (which you’ll be pleased to know I should imagine).

    Hope you’re keeping well.


    *just been speaking to Edel y’see

  2. Jim Fitzpatrick says:

    Pat, Just saw you on TV. Fair play to you.Had a couple of history books published myself and always wanted to do fiction. Can’t get beyond the first few pages though.Lack of confidence, or probably talent!! I have your surname and am a Capricorn, so you’d never know,maybe some day I’ll be the next Fitzpatrick from Cork to get fiction published! Good luck with your books anyway.

  3. Des Kenny says:

    Dear Pat,
    I came across your novel “Keep Away From Those Ferraris” when a client requested a copy. I would be interested in stocking this novel for (a) Our American Library Approval Plans (b) For members of my Book Club and (c) for our own website on which it would be available to a global audience post free. If you are interested please get in touch. My phone number if 091 709367. My e-mail s as above. I am here from 7 am to about 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday. Sincerely Des Kenny

  4. John Devoy says:

    Hi Pat, Cork badly needs more articles like the one you offered us in the Indo last Sunday! Well done for grabbing that particular rebel bull by the horns. I’ve been pondering why Cork has been ‘slipping’ for years. I was a student there in the late 70’s so have witnessed many up and downs. Originally from Galway it never ceases to amaze me why our National broadcaster (almost) completely ignores Cork … Galway gets 10 times more RTE mentionings, as does Belfast, Donegal, anywhere else it would seem … even if there are more people living in Cork and county than the entire province of Connacht! Perhaps Paschal Sheehy’s voice just does’t cut it for its majority east coast listenership !!?
    Seriously, there is an awful lot more to say here re. your article and what it points to … and sadly it is not so funny, certainly not for Cork BUT also not for then rest of the country.
    If a core group evolves out of your words … to progress the issue … count me in
    Would be willing to meet over a coffee to discuss

    Yours John Devoy

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